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Shoot & BBQ Picnic Part 2

Shoot & BBQ Picnic Part 2

Alhamdulillah, program Shoot & BBQ Picnic Part 2 siang tadi berjalan lancar dan cuaca memang terbaek. Memang rugi arrr geng-geng MITI tarik diri last minit dan tak datang program nie hanya kerana terlalu percaya pada berita yang dah outdated. Sehari sebelum program sempat tepon kawan lama, Wakil Rakyat kawasan Hulu Langat tanya pasal kes banjir … Teruskan membaca

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  • Note: with pre-AI lenses Nikon often used a single letter abbreviation to indicate the number of elements in the lens: U (uni) =1, B (bi) =2, T (tri) = 3, Q (quadra) = 4, P (penta)-5, H (hexa) = 6, S (septa) =7, O (octa) = 8, N (nona) = 9, and D (deca) = 10). Usually these letters were appended to Nikkor, as in Nikkor-Q 135/2.8, which would be a pre-AI 135mm f/2.8 lens with four elements (Q). Keep that in mind when deciphering the alphabet soup Nikon has used over the years. If you're dealing with a really old lens, a single letter alongside the Nikkor is likely to refer to elements, not the terms shown below. A -- The original bayonet lens type (1959). Manual focus lens. Considered Pre-AI ADR -- Aperture Direct Readout. A fancy way of saying that aperture scale can be seen directly by the cameras that have overhanging prisms (ala F4, F5). Started with AI lenses in 1977. (selanjutnya…)


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